The Maximum Muscle Guide 2016, Volume 1

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The Maximum Muscle Guide 2016 Volume 1 contain a fully detailed 12-week muscle gaining program with an additional 4-week preparation program for the uninitiated. The preparation program will teach you the foundations of Joachim’s training philosophy – how to take full advantage of your nervous system (and improve it), how to execute exercises with maximum force production, and how to develop maximal muscle tension on every repetition.
The 12-week training program is tailored for the semi-beginner and the intermediate with at least one year of weight training experience. The full 12-week program is based on Joachim’s field studies during 2011 and 2013 with more than 200 participants and on his work with hundreds of clients since the release of the original Maximum Muscle Guide in 2009.
Volume 1 also contains chapters on the science of muscle growth, workout nutrition, and Joachim’s training philosophy. By reading the Maximum Muscle Guide 2016 series, you will not only follow a highly successful training program and make the gains of a lifetime – you will also learn how and why it works, and how to set up and tweak your own training programs in the future.
The Maximum Muscle Guide 2016 - Volume 1 is a downloadable e-book (Adobe PDF), 104 pages, and is only available in English! 
Fully printable A4 and Letter format in maximum resolution (300 dpi).


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